Product & Services

Business Solutions

Asset Management System

A software solution or framework designed to help organizations manage and optimize their assets throughout their lifecycle.

Barangay Management System

A software solution designed to assist local government units in managing and automating various administrative processes and activities within a barangay.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Serve as a central hub that consolidates data and facilitates communication and coordination across different departments and functions.

Fleet Management System

A comprehensive software solution designed to help businesses and organizations manage their fleet of vehicles efficiently and effectively.

Point of Sales System

A combination of hardware and software that facilitates the processing and management of sales transactions in retail and other businesses.

Warehouse and Inventory Management System

A software solution designed to efficiently manage and optimize the storage, movement, and tracking of goods within a warehouse or distribution center.

Hybrid IT and Engineering Solutions

Cable TV and Master Antenna TV Systems

Two different television distribution systems used to deliver television signals to multiple users within a building or community.

Computer Supplies and Electronic Products

Various accessories, peripherals, and consumables used in conjunction with computers and related devices.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

These systems are widely used in various settings, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces, to enhance security, deter crime, and provide video evidence in case of incidents.

Distributed Antenna System and Communication Supplies

Network of antennas that provides enhanced wireless communication coverage and capacity in large or complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS)

Designed to detect signs of fire and promptly alert occupants and relevant authorities, allowing for quick response and evacuation.

ICT Systems

Revolutionized the way organizations operate and interact with customers and partners.

Network Administration

To ensure that all network devices and services are functioning properly, and that users can access resources and communicate effectively across the network.

PABX Telephone System

A private telephone network used within an organization or business to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

Radio Handset Base and Repeater Systems

Communication systems used to extend the coverage and range of radio communications in various environments.

Structural Engineering Products

A wide range of materials, components, and systems used in the construction and design of buildings, bridges, infrastructure, and other structures.

Structured Cabling Systems

A standardized and organized approach to designing, installing, and managing cabling infrastructure within a building or campus environment.

Website Development and Hosting Services

Cloud Services

A broad range of on-demand computing resources and applications delivered over the internet.

E commerce Website

Digital platform that allows businesses and individuals to buy and sell products or services online.

Search Engine Optimization

To attract organic, non-paid, and relevant traffic to a website, thereby increasing its online visibility and potential for conversions and engagement.

Server Hosting

Refers to the practice of leasing or renting an entire physical server from a hosting provider for exclusive use by a single client or organization.

Website & Application Development

Essential aspects of modern technology that involve creating and building digital platforms to serve various purposes and cater to specific user needs.

Web Hosting

Service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible on the internet.